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After signing up, Pindify Providers can begin publishing content on their homepage we call the “Portfolio.” Whether it’s music, text, photos, or videos, the Portfolio is where Pindify Providers publish all their creative content. Depending on the membership you select at sign up, you can additional content using Pages. This allows you to publish content in genres, industries, or brands using additional Pages that can be linked to your Portfolio. In order to publish content and begin earning, you will need to set up your profile and publish your first card. Click here to see membership plan.

Set up Your Profile

After signing up, Pindify Providers can begin publishing content on their homepage called the “Portfolio.” Whether it’s music, text, photos, or video, or audio, the Portfolio is where Pindify Providers publish all their creative content. Depending on the membership you selected, you can publish content for various projects using additional Pages linked to your main Portfolio.

Set up your profile:

1. In the menu at the top of your Portfolio, select the avatar icon to open the dropdown menu. Select your name or title of your Portfolio or the Page and select the gear icon to “Edit.”

2. Underneath the image you provided, fill out the information below in the “about me” section and share your story or bio. Share information about what content you will be providing your fans and followers.

3. For the next step, fill out the career section and select the moods your content evokes and your profile color scheme. This information will make your Portfolio more attractive and visible to fans, followers, and fellow Pindify Providers who are searching for particular content. An informative and attractive Portfolio will help you gain wider exposure.

4. Attract your fans and followers from other social channels and platforms and invite them to consume your Pindify content. For more tips about how to do this click here.

Start publishing! And monetizing your content!

Publish your first card

1. To get started, for security purposes first verify your account. You will receive an alert for verification. To begin publishing, please select the verify link and follow the instructions.

2.  In the right-hand corner in the menu at the top of your screen, select ”Publish.”

3. Depending on your membership plan, select whether you would like to publish content to your main “Portfolio,” or to any of your additional “Page Portfolios.”

Select the type of media you would like to publish.

Post - Limited characters. Share a short announcement, a thought, lyric, poem.
Audio - Music, sample, podcast episode, book reading, interview
Video - Music, social interaction, interview, vlog, lesson
Image - Social image, artistic digital photography, design, fine art
Text - Article, blog entry, review, E-book, lyric, long-form poem
4. After selecting the type of media, upload a cover image, give it a title, and share some information about it. To increase your publication’s “searchability,” add hashtags and select moods from the drop-down menu.
5. Before publishing, select whether your content will be free for consumption, or whether fans and followers should pay to consume it. To do this, select “Free” or “Earn.”

6. Select publish. You’re done!

7. Hold on. If you selected to publish and need to go back to edit your card after you’ve published it, select the “dots” icon on the front of the card and select “edit” from the drop-down menu. Make your edits. Select publish.

Pro tip: Content published on Pindify should not be limited to the final product. Lure your fans and followers to your premium content by engaging with them throughout the creative process. Use this as an opportunity to share raw and unedited content. Inspire them to pursue their own creative passions. Monetize live-streams, drafts, and stories about what you create, how you create it, and why it is so important to you.  

For more information about the advanced publication, settings go to:

Help & FAQ click here.

Be Heard

For example: When a fan accepts an invitation from a Pindify Provider and agrees to pay a monthly subscription fee, a relatively large portion of that fee is paid directly to that Pindify Provider. Using these strategies will be key to a Pindify Provider’s success: To most effectively earn revenue from your Pindify Portfolio content, convert your fans to monthly subscribers. We call subscribing members, “Supporters.” Converting your fans to “Supporter” status is a unique way to earn revenue on Pindify, and it will be key to your success. By engaging with your fans, followers, and Supporters, you may also earn additional revenue.

To begin your strategy:

Invite Your Fans

1) Invite

At the top of your Pindify Profile, there is a menu bar we call the dashboard. Invite your fans by selecting the avatar icon (inbetween the headphones and notification icons). You will then be given the option to share your invite link. By sharing the link, and following the instructions, a fan or follower will be directed to your portfolio where they can view your publications.

2) Share your Publications

Share your Pindify content to your other social media channels. To do this, decide which publication you want to share, select the share button, and you will be given share options. When a fan or follower clicks the link provided and signs up to the platform, a portion of the subscription fee will be paid toward your Portfolio.

3) Share your Portfolio

Ask your fans and followers to share your portfolio or your publications on their social or media network channels. If a fan or follower shares your publication and someone from their network signs up using your link, you will also receive a portion of their subscription fee every month. This means your earning potential increases!

Bonus tips and tricks

1. Always keep track of the comment section below each publication.

Answer comments from your fans and followers, and follow them back. Keep focused on what your fans and followers like to see and develop a strategy to create more of that type of content. The more your fans interact, the higher you will rank as a Pindify Provider. A higher ranking means you will get more exposure in the market feed. Find new ways to boost this ranking.

2. Use the Insights tool

This will help you determine what is working and which fans and followers are liking and sharing your content.

3. Collaborate with other Pindify Providers

...and divide the earnings. Prior to publishing content, discuss how you and your collaborator will split the earnings, and it will be divided accordingly. To collaborate, invite those in your network that would like to join Pindify as a Provider, or find a Pindify Provider who is already using the platform and extend them an offer to collaborate on a creative project.

Get Paid

Our goal is to empower Pindify Providers to earn enough revenue so they can create what they're most passionate about. Use the tools we provide to view your earnings distributions and data analytics and learn what content is proving most successful.

Keep updated about the Insights tool

Every Pindify Provider should learn how to utilize the Insights tool to their advantage. This analytics tool gives Pindify Providers access to all data regarding your Portfolio, any additional Page Portfolios, and your individual publications (cards). This allows you to determine who is viewing and consuming your content which could be an indication to produce similar types of content.

Determine what is less popular and what is trending so you can increase your ranking, gain more exposure on the market feed, and ultimately have the opportunity to earn more revenue. You can also track your superfans and invite them to share your content. The Insights tool also distributes demographic information such as age, gender, and location.

You can also make an analysis of individual cards you have published and determined which demographic consumes particular types of content.

Exclusive content

Remember to utilize your other network and media channels to galvanize your followers and invite them to follow your Pindify Portfolio where you publish your premium, paid-for content. You can also share our blog posts where we discuss how important it is for fans and followers to pay for the content they consume. We cover a range of topics that discuss the struggles many creatives in various industries face as they try to monetize their content. Monetizing creative content even in the digital age is time-consuming. Pindify is a digital platform where artists and creatives can monetize their content. And the process is seamless and transparent.

If you would like to ask a question about any of the above, click here.

Help & FAQ

Our goal is to empower Pindify Providers to earn enough revenue, so they can create what they’re most passionate about. Use the tools we provide to view your earnings distributions and data analytics and learn what content is proving most successful.

Help & FAQ