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Meet Elsa Hedberg

"Throughout my adult life, I've been working on various creative projects and I've always enjoyed juggling a lot of different things at the same time."

Elsa Hedberg is a creative soul who seeks out the beautiful things in life--and wants to be able to live her passions. She was born and raised in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg — a city notorious for constant rain and miserable weather. Despite the gray climate, Elsa hasn’t let it bog down her creativity, sparkling her way through the clouds. She was raised in a creative family and has always been involved in many different creative projects at the same time. Elsa has also lived in London but is now based in Stockholm. She started her career in the music industry and explains that music has always been in the background of whatever else she was accomplishing creatively. When she needed to step away from music for a time, she studied design. She understands the creative struggle of putting your soul into something and trying to earn money doing it. It takes constant effort. And an abiding hope.

Elsa started studying jewelry design in Copenhagen where she lived for one year and then continued with three additional years of study in London. In addition to jewelry design, Elsa was picking up the occasional vocal assignment, when she broke as a name in the London drum and bass scene — a genre of electronic music — thanks to a collaboration with the very popular force London Elektricity (The D&B style is often characterized by fast breakbeats and enjoyed about twenty years of manic popularity). During the time in London, around 2008-2011, Elsa received a lot attention and lavished at her turn in the limelight. But anyone who is familiar with the London club music scene knows how fast paced and high energy it is, as well as being very male-dominated - Elsa felt increasingly lonely, and keeping up with London Elektricity and her design practice, while working several day jobs eventually got the best of her.

She went down and came back stronger

All the excitement, attention and hard work, unfortunately, came at a high price and an eventual end. After her stint in London, Elsa was completely burnt out. She moved home to Sweden to regain her footing and ground herself in her homeland. She had some inactive years where she worked a bit with her jewelry design but kept a low profile and relished being in the background. After some time, Elsa knew she had to reignite the flame — her romantic tryst with jewelry design led her down a path to launch her own jewelry brand. She took part in various exhibitions and began selling her jewelry at retail locations. Elsa's jewelry brand, Elsahedbergatelier, was founded in 2015. She finds the inspiration for her jewelry designs in all kinds of beautiful things she sees and believes jewelry consists of intimate personal symbols — things that bring life meaning.

"I think jewelry is exciting because these pieces I design serve as symbols, they make for a very intimate tool of self-expression. Everyone who wears jewelry has chosen to wear it for their own very personal reasons. I think jewelry appeals to people on a level that's beyond what's simply trendy — the wearer often has a personal connection with the jewelry and I really like that."

While pursuing her career in jewelry design, Elsa found the courage to explore and learn more about producing her own music. She discovered and learned software programs, knowing she wanted to have more creative control and autonomy over her music career — and wanted to develop her own sound. She knew she wanted to do more than sing on projects that were not her own. Five years on, she completed her first EP in the electronic genre — a genre that has fascinated her since she was a teenager. Elsa loves making electronic music because it allows for a wide spectrum of creativity and the freedom to experiment with synths and plug-ins, as she loves learning about the newest software to create the freshest sound.

The struggle of being a creative human

As you can see, Elsa has led a creative life. She loves it, but the drawbacks of being a creative human is having to constantly compromise on one project or another, in order to make ends meet. For Elsa to invest in her various endeavors, she needs to budget for new software or higher quality equipment which means some months she may struggle to pay her bills. But if she doesn’t invest in her business and stay ahead of trends, she may fall behind her competitors. She finds herself in a constant catch-22.

Elsa has two Pages on Pindify: one Page for her music and one Page for her jewelry. She believes Pindify is the perfect solution to catch up financially on her creative projects. She wants to make it easy for people to help her. This includes her fans and followers. As she puts it,

“I think that Pindify is a great tool for people to show their appreciation financially, enabling me to continue my work. Pindify also makes things easier for people with small funds who still want to contribute."

Elsa explains that when she invites her fans, she is offering them a way to get more intimate with her creative process.

They get exclusive content about her behind-the-scenes stories and how it all works. Content her fans can’t get anywhere else. This is a process where her followers feel engaged. She finds this very motivating and inspiring. Elsa believes that what's great about social media is the fan interaction and the up-close and personal relationships she builds. And as an added bonus, Elsa explains,

“With Pindify, those relationships can help me thrive on several planes.”

Elsa is another creator who adds her voice to the obvious struggles of today’s creatives face —the desire to live their passions. To pursue them with fire. Elsa pursues her passions with all the fire in her soul it takes to melt the metal she creates with. We at Pindify want to help the world’s creatives — using our platform as the stage. We want to be the tool they use to pursue their dreams and passions. We love telling these stories about our Pindify Providers. We believe that with Pindify, it is a real possibility to pursue your passions. Be like Elsa. Make it easy for people to help you. Become a Pindify Provider and invite your fans!


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