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How did this all begin?

The success story of George Grigoriadis is a perfect example of how hard work can be rewarded—even when you’re virtually starting from scratch. What is George’s transformation story? From a guy who always liked great photography to becoming an award winning photographer?

It all started when George’s wife Malin presented him a book about photography which inspired him to start experimenting with different mediums—and since he was relatively new at the craft, he was fearless in his approach. George claims he always had an organic eye for artistic composition but had no formal education for any technical peculiarities photography requires. But our hero claims it was more than just a thoughtful gift from his wife, it was just the perfect timing for George to pursue a new passion for this transformation to occur where he was finally able to pursue something which really spoke to him. He is also one of Pindify’s newest creative Providers. We are excited to have him join our community.

What is it like being a photographer in the digital era?

They say being a perfectionist is heavy burden to bear, but it seems that George is someone who really likes being very busy all the time. Nowadays, he is going in several creative directions as a photographer, including shooting concert photos, collaborating with artists of various genres, and he just recently began teaching photography in his hometown of Falun. Listening to George share his story is inspiring and it seems quite unbelievable how he manages to maintain so many projects at such a professional level. As per usual, when it comes to real creative work, you have to imbue passion and consistency into your projects—in order to fuel the focus and desire required to stay busy and maintain a decent clientele.

- “I am at the beginning of my career as a photographer so I guess the main challenge is to achieve a good level of quality and also to be known as a photographer and make a living off that. I am trying to learn new things all the time, always deliver high-quality images and marketing myself in every possible way.”

What do you love most about your vocation?

“Photography allows you a lot of creative opportunity, With photography, you can freeze time and capture unique moments that will never happen again. It’s always great to give people the chance to observe an interesting moment that I capture. Especially if they weren’t there.”

George says that using photography as a medium of artistic expression, imagination, thoughts, and feelings are captured—even things you missed at first. In addition, the observer is able to think and interpret what the content means to them, based on their own feelings and experiences. Most people have to carve their lives around their jobs. As a photographer, you have a lot of freedom to work in ways that fit around your life, instead of the other way around. This kind of freedom cannot be overstated You have an idea, you capture it. You have the freedom others only dream of.

As a photographer, what kind of struggles do you face today?

Even though George stumbled upon his love of photography a little later in life, and it offers him a great amount of creative freedom and lifestyle, he has found it to be such an

integral part of who he is now, that he couldn’t imagine his life without it and would continue to pursue photography whatever the struggle.

But make no mistake, it is a struggle. As George sees the industry, he wants to ensure his clients and the public realize that just because you have a camera on your phone, it doesn’t mean you are capturing what a trained eye sees. And the camera on your phone is not professional grade equipment. A photo and a snapshot are not peers. A professional will be able to capture the image with composition in mind. With a story and a narrative that is expressed in the image. A master photographer applies all of their senses—using the ethereal quality of intuition to read the scene and the subject.

Since George often works with other artists and musicians, he knows how integral photographers are to other industries within the arts. Professional photographers are crucial to the music industry, as George says, “without photographers, there is no exposure for artists, the record companies etc so it’s an important part of the music industry in general.” We would also add that any business nowadays that needs a digital platform to market their content relies on good visuals. Indeed, it’s hard to overestimate the role of the good photographer.

How do you think Pindify can help you achieve your goals?

George believes Pindify is a really compelling solution to publishing his content. Pindify provides a unique business model—a marketplace that allows a variety of options for both consumers and providers. Where fans and followers can find unique content from providers who give that extra special personal touch and where fan interaction is not only supported but encouraged.

“I think Pindify is a clever concept that can change the game and help an artist to make a living by doing the thing that they love. Artists need to earn a livable wage and large corporations that don’t treat their employees well will lose talent because they’ll be able to pursue their passions and have the freedom to do so. Nobody should have to be treated like garbage just to earn a paycheck.”

That’s no way to live a life. Which is why we created Pindify. Don’t be treated like garbage. Treat yourself. Follow your artistic passion and find a way to monetize it. Pindify is the platform where we have a clear model for content monetization. Like George says, if you’re passionate about your craft, that’s great—but you need to really transmute all your creative energy not only you final product, but also into branding and monetization. That doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process. The great thing is Pindify has devised a clever way for you to do all of that in one platform.

We are proud to have George Grigoriadis as one of our Pindify Providers and we hope that all of the world’s beloved photographers will be inspired by George and his work, his success, his passion for photography. Follow the link to George’s portfolio to see how he gets things done.

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