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Hovzter is an innovator not only in the world of music but in the way he sees the music industry heading. He is a DJ who creates beats using high tech software and hardware. Hovzter’s genre is constantly under pressure to be on the cutting edge of electronic sound. There is a bright future for young innovators like him who are using digital strategies and the globalization of the internet to their advantage. His positive attitude is working to his advantage. We sat down and asked him some questions to learn just how Hovzter accomplishes so much at such a young age.

How has using digital media and the internet fueled your passion for your music?

“Digital media and the internet has given me the position of controlling everything in the process of my music myself. For artists overall, it also leads to more interesting collaborations which nowadays even can be made over the internet.”

Where do you see you might have an advantage over older generations who did not have as much access to inspiration from around the world?

“The possibility to reach and build up a bigger audience for your music with people from all over the world.”

History shows older generations have a record of turning up their noses at the innovations of younger generations. If younger generations were ever afraid to “buck the trends,” of their elders, we would never have the innovations that we have as a society. This fearless attitude shows those like Hovzter are amped up to do it. This is where Pindify gives artists like Hovzter, who live in a growth mindset, the fuel, and the drive to take the music industry into the future. He’s always learning, and that learning process is not only exciting to him but crucial to his process, and this has emboldened him to carve a career out of creating and producing what he loves,

“I want to work with Pindify because of their vision and thoughts on all kinds of art and how they try to retake the value it once had. For me, it will mostly be uploading my music to the platform, but I also plan to release some exclusive content on Pindify, for example, edits and reworks.”

Hovzter represents a younger generation of artists that are excited to take this innovative attitude into the future. He also sees the importance of using a business strategy to promote his work-he sees this as an entrepreneurial venture, a crucial component of the whole artistic process,

“I actually do the most myself, everything from the music to the artwork to promotion. My eyes opened even for working with lyrics. All of this is really fun and a dream itself.”

Hovzter’s work ethic is driven by a passion for what he loves.

Who inspires you most in your industry? Why?

“I must say Diplo, not in aspect of sound but in the aspect of how he works as an artist. Constantly trying out new sounds crossing boundaries with collaborations with any kind of genre.”

He also loves immersing himself in the whole artistic process.

“What I like the most is coming up with melodies and finding a vocal that works perfectly with the song, a vocal that hopefully will push the song even further. Besides that, I love the excitement of wanting to show everyone what I been working on as soon as the song is about to be finished.”

We are excited to have Hovzter publish his premium content on Pindify. Hovzter’s innovative, growth mindset is what most researchers agree is needed for someone to become successful in any industry. Some are just wiser earlier.