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Why and when did he begin painting? What brought him to Pindify?

For Johannes Wessmark, creating illustrations and paintings has always been an enormous part of his life. Even prior to formal training, as a child, he would constantly draw and was unable to focus his attention on much else. Even from his beginnings as a novice, he considered painting and drawing his calling, which is why he continues to pursue it with such passion. Interestingly enough, Johannes did not receive formal education in neither art nor in painting, and was entirely self-taught. Around this time, Johannes began to learn how to airbrush and was employed as an illustrator in commercial advertising, and focused on technical and architectural illustrations. Someone who is self-taught and is ambitiously sharing their art with the world needs to simultaneously be a jack-of-all-trades: the artist, the marketing manager, the salesman.

Johannes was ambitious enough to start his own company working with 3D technology and computer graphics which is where he gained extensive knowledge in various fields This experience helped him to develop his professional skills as a painter and graphic designer. This enabled him to learn in-depth about color, perspective, and composition, which later helped him to build a solid ground for his artistry today.
Being self-employed in any industry is often difficult, especially when you are creative, and would rather spend your time creating than marketing or selling. This was one of the reasons why Johannes left his company several years ago to work full time as an artist. Johannes uses three main strategies to earn revenue: he collaborates with several galleries and sells paintings at his own and other’s exhibitions, offers painting classes in his studio every week, and now, Johannes is publishing painting tutorials on Pindify.

What does his creative process look like?

Like many artists, Johannes finds a lot of inspiration from artists he discovers on the world wide web. Johannes uses the internet to find inspiration and has discovered skilled and talented artists whom he follows and admires, not to mention inspiring creatives in all other forms of digital arts like photography, music, etc. In particular, he loves watching films that display beautiful, captivating cinematography.

“It is all about stunning scenery and beautiful or simply charismatic people that can inspire me in the spur of the moment,” says Johannes

Every piece of work Johannes produces is the result of his effort, skill, and the inspiration that grabs a hold of him.

One of the ways he gains inspiration is by cloistering himself in his studio to listen to music—preferably music from the movies—music with gravitas. This process really allows him to get in the right mood for painting, and it makes the process flow more quickly and smoothly. This process where Johannes is in “creative flow” can be experienced by creatives in many different industries, and the process can seem mesmerizing. These creative processes could be described as peak creative experiences. Johannes is very skilled at transforming a photograph he has taken himself and painting a rendering of it onto canvas. And the outcome is certainly mesmerizing,

“Starting on a new painting, without the knowledge of how many weeks of hard work I have ahead, is always nice. I also like the moment when I take my photos. This is a very creative work where I can choose a motif, angle, light, composition and so on.”

What struggles are particular to Johannes’ industry?

Naturally, switching to freelancer mode requires financial stamina and determination. Especially when you are just beginning your career. Johannes was always determined to be a painter and never regretted that he committed to “go it alone,” and quit working for “the Man.”
Just like most gifted artists, Johannes had to fight to be seen and noticed. These days many talented artists struggle with the status of being an “unknown.” There are so many artists and creatives competing for digital space. In order to stand out, employing innovative digital strategies is a necessity. This is one of the biggest struggles for artists and creatives,

“There are so many artists to "compete" with and if you want to get noticed you really have to struggle for it. Nowadays much of this is done via the internet and social channels. Here I think Pindify will be a great help. When people discover this platform and community and it starts growing really big, it can be a fantastic way of reaching those who like what you create.”

Johannes has begun the process of building a Pindify Portfolio where his fans and followers can learn about his creative process and view his final projects. He intends to publish educational materials and exclusive tutorials, as well as use the platform as an opportunity to speak with his fans directly. Johannes continues to perfect the “WESSMARK” brand and also promotes via Facebook and Instagram.

What is success according to Johannes Wessmark?

“Since a long way back I have dreamed of becoming an artist and be able to make a living from it without the need of an extra job. That is a success for me.”

It’s hard to disagree with this statement. Thanks to the world wide web, the majority of us have access to galleries, art shows, museums, art fairs, and artists all over the world, whose content is accessible from our smartphones. As long as you love what you do and are convinced enough that it’s good, your chances of making it are great. Self-belief goes a long way. Pindify is a digital marketplace where creatives can monetize their entire creative process from start to finish and our community is here to support you. Our goal is to provide a platform where our Pindify Providers earn at least $3,000 per month. Regardless of all possible hurdles, nobody ever regretted becoming successful while pursuing their passion. And you’ll never know if you can do it if you don’t give it a try.

We really hope to help Johannes build his own community of dedicated fans and become even more successful and popular as an artist.
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