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The old adage, “hard work pays off” applies to French-Chilean music video filmmaker and director - John Biggs. John recently started publishing content on Pindify, so we wanted to reach out to him to tell his story.

John is a seasoned artist in the filmmaking industry, having directed more than 200 music videos and commercials for musical artists such as Nina Simone, Jill Scott Live, Ayo, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift including the NRJ 2010 campaign with Katy Perry. He has also directed one feature film, “Pleure en Silence.”

John has been working in the film industry for nearly 20 years - an industry known for being both competitive, rich in its culture, and very rewarding for those who can rise to the top. As a formidable figure in the industry, we wanted to know what John Biggs has to teach us about succeeding in his industry and particular niche, where he sees the future of filmmaking in the digital era heading, and why he joined the Pindify platform as part of his digital strategy.

Throughout his career as a film director, John has mostly been involved in shooting short clips and commercials, and full length music videos.

This short format excites him because he sees the time limit as an artistic challenge. In this way, he is determined to make the most impact in the shortest amount of time, while still “telling a story.” His long history of work experience and the impressive list of popular artists that have been his clientele, speaks for itself.

“Directing is storytelling. Storytelling is directing.” -John Biggs

The key to shooting a music video is to really understand the story the music is telling - the lyrics, the mood and tone, and general vibe of the composition. You really need to dive deep into the storytelling and evoke that feeling visually. Shooting and directing these short pieces has been extremely fulfilling for John - and filming inside the French rap scene is an interesting one he’s become very familiar with. This experience has intrigued him enough to motivate him to produce longer form film and movie making - which is the direction he is headed in.

John sees the future of filmmaking in the digital era heading to a total democratization of the industry - without the usual industry bulwarks preventing entry. Filmmaking is becoming less expensive for amateurs and professionals alike to produce, allowing new stories to emerge and with a more global perspective.

Filming, directing, editing, and storytelling are all critical components of what make John’s career both challenging and fill him with the passion and a desire to continually improve his craft - since it is such a competitive industry, passion for creation is crucial in order to thrive. For John, his business is primarily a one man show- from finding clients, pitching his vision to them, filming, editing, - and seeing it all the way to production and release of the final material. He understands every angle. As he says,

“Everybody is replaceable. Even Martin Scorsese.”

John Biggs is a storyteller. And Pindify is a digital marketplace where transforming dreams into stories can become a reality - where your passions can thrive and expand - because you are paid for the premium content you publish and share. There are a number of innovative ways for you to monetize your content on Pindify.

P.S.We also asked John to recommend some of his favorite music videos: M. Jackson - “Thriller” (naturally), and Bjork - “All is Full of Love.”


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