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Leopolis Jazz Fest is one of the largest and most critically acclaimed jazz festivals in Europe, held in Lviv, Ukraine. The jazz fest is its ninth year and last week kicked off amazing performances from lauded musical artists from around the globe. Pindify Providers «Zoomradio» had their press passes and were reporting from the festival. This year an incredible lineup of artists included jazz legends: Bobby McFerrin, Kenny Barron, Chick Corea, Diana Krall, Peter Cincotti as well as many others. Leopolis Jazz Festival has three stages spread across the beautiful city of Lviv, Ukraine. According to the Guardian it’s one of the top 10 festivals in Europe, and this year listeners who gathered from all over the world had the incredible opportunity to listen to the live performances of living jazz legends.

This open-air festival brings together jazz, pop, and soul musicians as well as providing a playground for young performers who want a platform to voice their artistry. Attendees could attend various workshops, discussion panels, and films all about jazz - which created an enveloping atmosphere.

Each day of the festival was full of emotionally charged performances but a few were just exceptional. During a moving performance by Diana Krall, even the rain gave its mighty approval. This was Diana’s Krall’s first time performing in Ukraine, and according to polls taken by attendees, Krall was the most anticipated musical artist in attendance. During performances at Leopolis Jazz Fest with Diana Krall, artists Joe Lovano, Mark Ribot, Robert Hurst, and Curry Riggins entered the stage.

Kenny Barron’s performance was the perfect example of Old School Jazz. Mr. Barron, who is one of the most influential jazz pianists since the bebop era, represents this classic sound at its best.

Naturally, the performance of Bobby McFerrin his band Gimme 5, and 40 select musicians from across Ukraine was incomparable. Mr. Mcferrin is the 10 time Grammy Award winner, and a timeless musical artist - it seemed even the Gods approved of his performance. This year, Bobby improvised with a concert choir from the Lviv National Musical Academy. During the show, each of the artists shared a solo performance which included audience participation


One of the most anticipated bands to perform at the festival was Snarky Puppy, the winners of the three Grammy Awards (Best R&B Performance in 2014, Best Instrumental Album in 2016 and 2017). Snarky Puppy is a team of up to 25 highly skilled young musicians, each of which has their own solo projects, many of them working with stars such as Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar. The band was founded by the bassist and composer Michael League in 2003 and has since released more than ten albums, winning numerous reader polls of prestigious jazz magazines Downbeat and Jazztimes in the Group of the Year category. Their performance was simply outrageous.

One more headliner of the festival was British singer Lisa Stansfield. For over 30 years, Lisa Stansfield has combined soul and pop music in her work. She made the Lviv audience stand up and dance - really enlivening the atmosphere!

Leopolis Jazz Festival 2019 presented 300 musicians from 15 countries, 40 Grammy awards between all the musical artists, roughly 100,000 people visited all the sites and the three stages spread across the city, and roughly 20,000 tourists from all over the world visited the city for the festival.

The 9th Leopolis Jazz Festival did not disappoint jazz lovers, it’s difficult to imagine what will happen for its 10th anniversary. Let’s wait and see!

Thanks to our providers Zoomradio for the amazing press coverage of this festival!

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