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Metal music is one of the widest kinds of music in terms of the number of subgenres. It has evolved into many separate genres and subgenres that has become very popular such as thrash metal, alternative metal, doom metal, etc. so this music became self-sufficient and has created its own culture. Needless to say, each of those subdivisions has their own history and reasons why they are popular. Recently, we’ve welcomed on our platform a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden - Nightrage.

Nightrage is a band that has been on the stage for almost 20 years and have released eight albums. Nowadays, they simply enjoy what they do and trying to connect music they play from their heart, with the heart of their listeners. Over the years Nightrage elaborated their own unique musical style based on melodic death metal sound of Gothenburg metal scene with numerous influences from thrash metal and classic heavy-metal bands so that made their sound recognizable among other bands in the genre. We are thrilled to present to you a new ambassador of Pindify, Melodic death metal band Nightrage and the story that their founder and guitarist Marios Iliopoulos shared with us.

How did everything start?

It all started almost 20 years ago when Marios’ previous band “Exhumation” was disbanded and he had to find same-minded musicians in order to continue playing his version of pure melodic death metal. At that time he was spending his time in his motherland Greece, recording demos and trying to find some people to play with him but then he decided to move to Gothenburg, Sweden where he could have much more possibilities to find needed musicians since this place is well known for its famous Gothenburg scene of melodic death metal. Nevertheless, back in those days, it was quite a challenge for Marios to move from sunny Greece to a colder Sweden, he never regrets his decision. As planned, he was able to find his future bandmates there with whom he would later release 8 albums and play together hundreds of times. Nightrage has been on the road for almost 20 years and they don’t have any plans to stop.

How does Nightrage’s creative process look like?

The creative process of Nightrage can be easily characterized as a collaboration based on pure pleasure. It is a pleasure of playing together and being able to play what you’ve just composed.

“Usually, the process looks like this. I meet with Magnus several times and we are composing our music together, then Ronnie comes into the picture and writes his lyrics and vocal melodies. We are all on the same page and we have great chemistry as songwriters and also as friends, we leave our egos behind the door and what we are looking for is that the material we have gathered is damn good.”

’’Nightrage’’ finds their inspiration in everyday life and things that people experience every day. They are telling the stories about hard things from their own perspective and it doesn’t necessarily mean that people should dig deeper on those topics and agree with the band. They want people to be aware of those things that are surrounding us. This concept has been described in their album “Man is Wolf to Man”. The title that is inspired by old Latin proverb “Homo Homini Lupus Est”

“We are our own biggest enemies, our own biggest threat and our own prey. As humanity, we are now at the end of the road and ready to jump on the chaos that we have created. There is no turning back and we need to accept that as a fact.”

After the interview that we had with Marios, we got an impression that these guys are truly enjoying the moment of being together regardless of place. No matter whether it’s a stage or studio work they are always striving for excellence in their play and they cherish every type of activity they are doing together.

“It is all about mutual collaboration and having a passion for the music you” play
, says Marios.

What kind of struggles they have?

A great Australian hard-rock band AC/DC was singing: “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock-roll…”

..and this is a true story about Marios Iliopoulos life.” His “way to the top” was complicated with a lot of hurdles such as multiple changes of jobs and changing the apartment 6 times during his first year in Gothenburg! Let’s not forget that Marios came to a totally different country and he had almost no acquaintances. Although he experienced all of the above, he knew what he wanted to achieve and now looking back to those times he says:

“I had to change home 6 times the first year and I was doing shitty jobs to be able to survive like washing dishes. You have to try to follow your dreams no matter what to achieve the goals you have put from the very beginning, and never stop don't let anyone or anything stopping you from carrying on with your dreams.”

Once we’ve heard how much Marios had to go through to get where he is now, we felt like we knew the answer to the question of “what does the word success mean”. Being honest with yourself and knowing what you want are one of the major values for Marios and other members of Nightrage. This also means that as a musician each member of the band should have an open mind to perceive different music vibes and being able to share them with his bandmates through the language of music. It’s been working for almost 20 years with 8 released albums now and apparently, this formula is working well although it’s taking a lot of efforts and personal investment to make it happen. Meaning, the number of efforts that musicians do towards success doesn’t equal to the desired outcome. Sometimes it can discourage you but Nighrage never surrender and guys are sure that more great albums will come out in the future.

“Sometimes this can be very intimidating and hard to do, like all this matter with our economy and the fact that we need to invest a lot of personal money to get the band going, that sometimes bleeding the band in the end and leaves a bad feeling, but we are always getting across with our head up high in the end because we understand that the things we are doing to get the band rolling, it´s for a good cause.”

How do you think Pindify can help you?

Nightrage works hard on their digital presence on the Internet and they publish their content in all major social networks including Facebook, Instagram as well as their official website: Recently, Nightrage started to actively post their material on Pindify and they are excited to join our marketplace:

“I can see the great potential behind the idea that you guys have created, to help any sort of artists to be able to live from their own music and content. I can see that thing can be a massive tool of help for any kind of bands like us that we are still on the struggling side and also younger bands that they definitely need some push and help to develop their artistry out there. I know it sounds too good to be true in a world of social media chaos, But I feel that there´s a good cause behind the whole idea to help artists first, make them work harder and gain what they deserve from what they love to do.”

We are sure that Pindify can help Nightrage to get even more exposure and help meet with more people who are into melodic death metal and after listening to their songs we can surely say: yes, death metal can be really melodic!
Check out their portfolio on Pindify.

P.S. Nightrage has just released their latest album: “Wolf to the man”.

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