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Who are they?

Roseph is a four-part organism consisting of artists David, Josef, Gabriel, and Erik each playing their own integral role. From the very beginning of their artistic undertaking as Roseph, these artists have succeeded in transmitting their charisma and individual experiences into a mesmerizing blend of eclectic sounds. Their reasons they succeed? Their readiness and ambition to utilize innovative platforms for digital exposure coupled with constant writing, composing, gigging, rehearsing, studying, recording, and practicing music (not necessarily in that order). The way Roseph approaches music is an honest dedication and clever perfectionism to the craft they are mastering. Each member of Roseph has a unique musical background that allows them to amalgamate this refined eclecticism that is their unique sound.

“We grew up listening to all kinds of music, Josef and Gabriel are huge blues and RnB fans, Erik is probably the true jazz man of the band while David has the most insight into popular music culture, the scientific understanding of a pop song and so on. We are nerds, perfectionists trying to take our writing and playing to the very top of our abilities.”

Where do they get their inspiration?

Each member brings a lot of talent and expertise to the band, which each of them admires in one another. This mutual respect allows them to inspire each other and creates a symbiosis required of great collaborative efforts. This symbiosis is essential to producing their best content. Josef (vocals, guitar) and Gabriel (guitar) have a certain talent for creating melodies and applying them to music, while David (drums) and Erik (bass), are great with dynamics and song structure. Thus, it’s no surprise that these musicians are arranging and producing everything themselves. When interviewing Roseph, we got the distinct impression that they find their inspiration in the mundane, like reading literature and history, traveling, and observing fascinating architecture. Their artistic floodgates are always open to the world, and this openness allows them to intuit what it is around them that inspires them-which they beautifully transmute,

“Life itself is so immensely inspiring but there’s always an inspiration to be found in other passions and art forms, a piece of poetry or painting can provide a songwriter with an endless amount of fuel. Lyrically, for example, Josef finds inspiration in his surroundings, there are multiple Roseph songs that depict other people’s lives and struggles.”

These four are truly obsessed with music and its creation. They say after a long drawn out creative struggle and the realization that the journey is always unpredictable, and can take them in numerous directions, the drive to finish the project fuels the forward moving momentum.

What kind of struggles they have?

There is no magic bullet that propels an artist to the top without at least a few struggles along the way. More or less, every creative has to overcome certain hurdles. Roseph were lucky enough to have plenty of access to music studios and rehearsal spaces and were surrounded by friends and fellow musicians who were their initial fan base. After finishing high school, each member of Roseph had to decide where life would take them and whether or not they would abandon their dreams of becoming musicians for a more practical life journey. For about a year after high school, they disbanded, and only rehearsed when necessary,

“Logistics and geographical haunts are always a big problem when being a band. It took some time to adapt to the new life of being a band outside of school, attracting a new audience in a new town and getting to know the local music scene.”

One of the most lucrative ways for musical artists to earn money is to book shows by marketing and selling tickets to performances. The music industry today offers a lot in terms of digital exposure for musicians, but little in the way of monetization of content via digital streaming. Especially as burgeoning musicians. This is why a digital presence is so crucial to the success of musical artists. Breaking through all the noise is the most difficult task,

“You have to put enormous amounts of effort into creating something innovative and new that will attract people’s attention. Also, wanting to put all of our time on the band we realize that other parts of life need their share too.”

How do you promote yourself and how do you believe Pindify can help?

Roseph promotes its brand mostly posting band updates via Facebook and Instagram. They have also determined they need to be more competitive in their strategy,

“When it comes to promoting our releases we’ve tried a few things like reaching out to blogs and being on the local radio, but we’ve yet to do a really strategic and focused marketing campaign. Today we feel like we’ve gained some knowledge on how to market your music and brand, so we look forward to putting in some extra work and trying a few new things when it’s time to market upcoming releases.”

David, Josef, Gabriel, and Erik say that they will continue posting different things like videos, songs both raw and complete, and are also working on other ways to market their content. They say that once their fan base is a bit more established, Roseph will be inviting their fans and followers to Pindify to monetize their premium content,

“We believe it’s a great new way to interact with fans and show new people your brand and what you create. We love how you can use it to generate income doing what you’re passionate about, and also how it’s an all-in-one platform with so many different kinds of art and content.”

Once again, we welcome Roseph to our Pindify family! We are thrilled to have on board such talents like you. Pindify loves artists who are passionate about their craft!

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