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Who are they?

Many of us listen to music in the hopes that it will evoke certain emotions and some of the greatest musicians are adept at accomplishing this. In order for an emotion to be translated from the musician to the listener, the intuitive musician understands their audience, and wants to share in this emotionally evocative experience in response.

In the case of “Shape of the New Sun,” each member of the band possesses great musical skills and evokes a passion for the music they play. They deeply enjoy practicing and performing as a band and this translates to their audience. Håkan Holmström and Thomas Kihlberg have played together since they were teenagers when they formed their first band and Tomas and Ivan Persic are brothers. Their long history playing together elicits intense trust in one another’s artistic and musical intuition. This relationship they share and the inspiration they each receive means their collaborative efforts benefit the whole. Playing together for years has shaped their own credo: - Love what you do, and let that be “The Sun” for the music you create. In other words, let the art you create be your inspiration, and follow that inspiration without fail.

’’ We have all played more or less all our lives. Tomas Persic was a member of the successful band "Lambretta" in the early 2000s. Thomas Kihlberg has released several albums with "Orchid", "Backwater" and "Animan". In 2014, we formed "Shape of the New Sun and a new story began".

Where do they get their inspiration?

The creative process is a complicated and unpredictable thing. This fact does not detract from their process, in fact, it makes creating music all the more beautiful. The process of performing together as artists is in itself is inspiring--the chemistry they feel together is a peak experience for members of Shape of the New Sun. The synergy experienced between these musicians has the ability to inspire masterpieces in just a matter of hours and often in inexplicable ways. It just happens. Sometimes the “stars align” in just the right way.

” We are inspired by what happens in life. We live and breathe music and art.”

What kind of struggles do they face?

Shape of the New Sun consider themselves a truly independent band and in their case, that means that they have to rely solely on their own efforts. They don’t have any large record company or management team behind them since they don’t have anything that guys cannot do themselves. In some ways, this can be viewed as a strength, not a detriment. Being independent means you are free to choose the direction you want to go artistically, and your “hands are free” to experiment with your own sound and you can take sabbaticals and vacations when necessary. On the other hand, managing all your own content, promotion, marketing, and establishing your brand can be a real challenge for independent artists. It can really be difficult to kickstart a music career in the digital era.

Currently, the band is experimenting, trying to gain more digital exposure by sharing each single separately.

“ The record companies do not have as much power today as when we started playing in the '80s. Today you have the opportunity to release your music without a record label. And that is good. It requires a lot of work. We have spent hundreds of hours spreading our music on Spotify. During the winter and spring, we have received offers from seven different record companies. Who wants to release a follow-up album with "Shape of the New Sun". But we are not interested. We have no struggles really… We are an independent band. It feels great. We look forward to playing live this summer.”

Shape of the New Sun is certainly shaping up. For now, the band has their own community of dedicated supporters and for them, they believe the best is yet to come. That is why they are hoping to build a dedicated fan base using Pindify. The band wants to reach out to all their followers and supporters from their various networks, organize and manage their fan interaction, and engage more closely with them. Other platforms that use complicated algorithms make it more difficult to build an exclusive fan base where they can reach a broad audience that will consume their premium content.

It’s difficult to say what the future landscape of digital media will be for artists and entertainers a decade from now. Maybe Shape of the New Sun will be sharing millions of streams, selling albums on vinyl, and booking all their international gigs using their Pindify portfolio. In the meantime, they are sure to continue to enjoy performing and playing together, and they’ll be sure not to forget about the fans!
Look for Shape of the New Sun in our marketplace and be sure to check out their portfolio.

It’s a great honor and responsibility to have Shape of the New Sun a part of our Pindify community!

Welcome to our Pindify family. Keep rocking!


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