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"The Hour of Jazz" is a podcast created and hosted by two young chaps from Ukraine. Olexandr is from Lutsk, located in western Ukraine and Artem is from Luhansk located in eastern Ukraine. Despite the more than 1000 km distance, their collective passion for music brought Olexandr and Artem together to create an online radio station providing listeners with finely curated playlists of old-timey music and the best modern beats.

Zoom radio began with original founder Olexandr and his friend Olexii, and has grown into a library of 70 episodes which have been recorded in Ukrainian. These original podcasts served as the company’s voice, presenting news and featuring the artistic side of the company’s employees. The last segments have been recorded in English, which is when Zoom founder Olexander rebranded their podcast as “The Hour of Jazz”--inspired by the first conversation Artem and Olexandr ever had about jazz and blues.

Even though they both love music, their tastes are decidedly different, if not, diametrically opposed. This makes for interesting content. Artem is a big fan of Jazz and Olexandr is into Hip Hop. They see these differences as an asset, covering totally different knowledge bases. They see the podcast as being helpful for those who just started listening to jazz music, a sort of neglected genre of music. This over-the-air diversity of opinion and range of topics become much more interactive and attractive to the listeners.

“I am a big fan of jazz and other related genres such as blues, funk, soul music and I can speak about it literally for hours without losing any enthusiasm.” - Artem says.

They are creating and recording the podcast as well as taking interviews from famous Ukrainian jazzmen for three years and each episode has its own unique story. They are all memories for themselves and when Artem and Olexandr look back and listen to the episodes again they say that they always smile.

“That’s why I love podcasts and radio so much because listening to both the music and the topics we discuss creates magic. Understanding the fact that your storytelling will be of interest to someone in the audience is one of the most important things to understand when recording a podcast. There is no better feeling for the artist than realizing the fact that someone is discussing your music, it’s not just being streamed, people are talking about it. Your stories are being heard, and they’re being loved and appreciated.” Artem says.

Apart from the actual radio podcasting, “The Hour of Jazz” attempt to organize live performances. They invite local artists for a “house concert” where the artists can present their music in acoustic format, and speak intimately with their audience. These live performances get a very positive response which results in Olexandr and Artem booking more of them.

“Our collaboration with each other is always a time where our dreams are met with satisfaction, because we really like what we are doing and more importantly, following our passion for music is the reason we are even attempting this. We want to be there sharing the best music with our listeners. We want to educate people on how to listen to and appreciate timeless music” - Artem says.

Artem and Olexandr of Zoom Radio think that even though they have produced quality, interesting material, it’s always a hard and challenging task to be heard. Even though they say they’re managing it, sometimes the simplest challenge can be that it is often difficult to get organized and set aside time for recording the podcast.

Artem and Olexandr are really hoping Zoom radio takes off so they can quit their day jobs. Even if this seems like a difficult challenge at times, they are determined to overcome what lies ahead and for now, quitting is nowhere on the horizon.

Artem and Olexandr believe that Pindify will be able to be the platform that they will use to publish all of their premium content. They like the idea of being able to publish finished material but also interesting and compelling behind the scenes' material--which they believe offers exclusive value. They believe that Pindify offers an innovative marketplace where they can build an audience and attract a loyal following--gaining wider exposure than if they kept their content directed at a smaller Ukrainian market segment. Getting heard is great, but so is getting paid and this is an opportunity Zoom radio intends on exploiting. Look out for Zoom Radio in other social media channels. Have a look at what they are up to and get inspired by their work! We are excited to have them here!

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